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I started Grey Willow Gifts with the goal of making unique and meaningful gifting a stress-free, one-stop shop experience. I have always enjoyed creating beauty in small spaces; with fashion, interior decor and in this case, artisan goods within the confines of a gift box! I knew there was a need for Grey Willow Gifts when I would come across so many Canadian-made products with packaging that deserved to be seen and quality natural ingredients that deserved to be enjoyed. Plus they paired so well with other equally beautiful products, it was my duty to bring them all together in the form of a thoughtfully curated gift box!

At Grey Willow Gifts we are all about quality. We source out only the finest goods from small business makers to ensure that whomever you send a gift to receives products that are both superior in quality and made with love. We offer environmentally sustainable packaging by using locally made wooden keepsake boxes and paper boxes made from recycled material (both of which are meant to be kept and reused). We also try to source products from Canadian makers and small businesses that have similar values to ours (compostable packaging, wholesome natural ingredients etc).  We know there is still progress to be made on our end but we will continue to work towards being more conscious of our environmental impact on the planet.